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Activity-based Learning

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So how can you design eLearning programs that optimize engagement and improve knowledge retention? This is where activity-based learning can help.

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Training Industry is the most trusted source of information on the business of learning. Our Top Experiential Learning Technologies List is based on thorough analysis of the capabilities, experience and expertise of experiential learning technology providers. Experiential learning technologies allow learners to gain knowledge and skills through hands-on experience using supportive, immersive...

Measurement and Analytics


Adaptive learning works by gathering data on employee preferences, patterns and behaviors, then using that information to adjust the learning process. So, in the context of onboarding, that means the data is used to optimize the onboarding process.

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Customers are changing the way they buy. In response, sales teams are beginning to rethink the way they sell. Negotiating in this setting requires three key skills. Let’s examine the importance of these skills and how training can help.

5 Effective Sales Training Skills

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If training is to have a significant impact on sales performance, it has to concentrate on building a manageable number of skills.

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